A Unique Polymer Systems LTD Distributor was approached by an Oil Refinery with a problem. Leaking pipe work is a huge problem in all industries; on this occasion, it was a leaking Nitrogen line, with 110 psi of pressure in desperate need of repair.
The Distributor recommended the application of the UPS 19605 PR 100mm X 3.6 Emergency Pipe Repair Bandage. The application can be carried out in minutes, with a fully cured product in 30 minutes. The bandage can cope with 150 psi, and this can be increased with the application of two bandages. A quick, simple and cost-effective solution. 

The Unique Solution.

The area around the leaking Nitrogen Line was cleared to allow ease of application. The surface was prepared using an angle grinder – this creates a good surface for the UPS 19605 PR to adhere to. This repair used two bandages in total to fully seal the leaking pipe, and only took minutes to complete.