A rupture in the duct that supplies industrial water from the neutralising tanks to the Grinding plant was detected.

Pipe diameter: 16”
Tank height: 8 meters (approx) 


The Problem

A repair by welding or replacement of the section damaged required to stop the water flow and thus the water supply to the plant.

The Unique Solution

The affected area was repaired in the field with UPS 19000 RH Standard Resin & Hardener, UPS 19009 GT Glass Tape (UPS Composite Wrapping) & UPS 19060 SG Stick Grade Metal.
The application took 30 minutes only

It was able to control immediately the water flow

The water supply to the plant was not stopped

The water pressure was lowered for only 3 minutes for the application of UPS 19060 SG Stick Grade Metal

Finally, the water leak was totally stopped

Installation Procedure

  •  Mechanical clearing of the area around the rupture (sandpaper, wire brush or emery) is done with the purpose to improve the adherence of the UPS Composite Wrapping

  •  Protective rubber gloves are worn, the correct amount of UPS 19060 SG Stick Grade Metal is cut from the stick and is hand mixed for 2 minutes.

  •  The UPS 19060 SG Stick Grade Metal is applied in the rupture by making a creating a plug

  •  Then the pipe wrap repair tape is submerged under water for 20 seconds so that the hardening chemical reaction can start.

  •  The pipe wrap repair tape is applied as a bandage around the complete pipe perimeter by making an overlap exactly on the damaged area. 

  • Result:-  An immediate decrease in the flow is observed and a complete sealing is achieved after a few hours (around 2 hours at 20°C). It is likely that the curing time increases at lower temperatures. 

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