Anti Corrosive Tapes

 All Weather Protection

UPS AT5 & UPS AT6 Anti Corrosive Tapes are tough, polyvinyl chloride based tapes with special high tack adhesives formulated to resist corrosion of metal piping systems above and below ground, fittings and joints on all mill coated pipe and electrical conduit systems. UPS AT5 & UPS AT6 are;

  • Resistant to corrosive salt water, soil acids, alkalis and salts, common chemicals, chemical vapors and exposure to outdoor weathering and sunlight.

  • Resistant to impact, abrasions, punctures and tears. UPS TR5 is a highly conformable, all weather 0.254mm (10mil) thick tape designed for application over a wide temperature range. UPS TR6 provides similar qualities in a thicker, 0.508 (20mil) tape. Both tapes have high electric resistance and excellent insulating properties.

UPS AT7 Primer is a quick dry, non-sag rubber based primer that permeates metal surface pits and irregularities, preparing the surface for tape application. Compatible with the special adhesive on the Anti- Corrosive Tapes, it enhances adhesion. 




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